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Pesach Times 2013/5773

Sunday Night March 21

Bedikat Chametz at Home

After dark the Search for Leaven by candlelight is done. See your Haggada for the procedure and the blessing. The chametz (grain products) that are collected is put aside to be burned on Friday morning.  This is a really fun ritual to do at home with kids!

Kids EventBedikat Chametz at Temple Sinai – 7:30 PM

Our spiritual masters knew that cleaning out chametz (grain products) isn’t just about physical chametz, but also spiritual chametz.  They would search for 10 pieces of bread that paralleled the 10 attributes of God according to Kabbalah.

All ages of kids are invited to join us for a spiritual search for chametz with feather by candlelight!

Monday March 25

7:00 AM — Morning Service and Siyum (completion of study).

The day before Pesach is the “ta’anit b’khorim,” the fast of the firstborn – a day on which firstborn children are supposed to fast in connection with God sparing the firstborn Israelites during the plague of the firstborn in the Exodus from Egypt. That being said, everybody knows that Jews prefer to eat and celebrate life rather than fast, and our early rabbis came up with a way to do that on this day.  Namely, it is also a mitzvah to have a festive meal when someone completes study of a book of Torah.  In this light, Rabbi Fine will be finishing study of a book of mystical Torah this year in time for Pesach.  If you are firstborn, or just would like to join for this festive occasion, please join us for morning minyan followed by a brief teaching and a festive breakfast!

10:45 AM – Burning of Chametz at Temple Sinai.

It is tradition to burn the final chametz gathered the night before.  Join us to burn the chametz collected by our kids at Temple Sinai the night before, and bring your own to burn!

10:45 AM – End of Eating Chametz

11:47 AM – Biur Chametz

The Chametz collected last night is burned by this time and the Kol Hamira formula found in the Haggada should be recited (if you are unable to burn it, you can flush it or throw it into the sea). Your kitchen should be totally “Pesahdig.” Any chametz still in your home should have been stowed away and “sold” (see attached form).

6:43 PM – Light Candles by this time or earlier


Tuesday March 26 – First Day of Pesach

9:30 AM –Morning Service with Tfilat Tal – The Prayer for Dew

7:44 PM – Candle Lighting (not earlier than this time)

(It is traditional to light candles by transferring flame from a large candle that is lit before the holiday starts on Monday night – a large yahrzeit candle can be used for this purpose)


Wednesday March 27 – Second Day of Pesach

9:30 AM – Morning Services

7:00 PM – Evening minyan

7:45 PM – Yontif/Second Day Ends

Thursday March 28 – Hol Hamoed (middle days of festival)

7:00 AM & 7:00 PM – Minyan

Friday March 29

7:00 AM – Morning Minyan

6:00 PM – Kabbalat Shabbat in the Chapel

Saturday March 30

9:30 AM – Shabbat Services

Sunday March 31

9:00 AM – Morning Minyan

6:48 PM – Candle Lighting for 7th Day of Pesach

Monday April 1

9:30 AM – Pesach Services

7:00 PM – Evening Minyan

7:51 PM – Candle Lighting for 8th Day of Pesach

Tuesday April 2

7:00 AM & 9:30 AM – Pesach Services with Yizkor Memorial Prayer

9:45 AM – 10:45 AM – Youth Program with Cantor Aronson

7:00 PM – Meditation Minyan

7:52 PM – Pesach Ends