Taking care of those in need in our community is at the heart of what it means to be a caring Jewish community.

The mitzvah of nichum aveilim, of comforting mourners, is considered in the Talmud to be one way for humans to fulfill the principle of “walking in God’s ways.”
One of the core roles of the Chesed Committee will be to make sure that at times of loss, mourners are provided with our communal support and nechama, comfort.

We also come together to prepare and deliver meals to our Temple family that may be house bound, just out of surgery, or have a new baby.
Through cards and announcements we acknowledge special days in the lives of our members. Whether it be a card for a condolence, new job or house, an anniversary or birthday wish,
Temple Sinai is here for all your lifecycle and daily joys, simchas, and sad times.