Contemplative Minyan

Contemplative Minyan

Interested in Jewish meditation and chant?

Jews have always loved words, after all, the Torah says the world was created with words. Our prayer book has grown and grown over the centuries as we’ve added new prayers to our liturgy.

But our tradition also emphasizes the importance of silence as a mode of attaining new levels of awareness and consciousness, of opening our hearts, and connecting with God. In the Talmud we learn that the “early pious ones” would sit quietly for an hour to prepare themselves before prayer.

In our own incredibly busy world, slowing down is as important as ever for spiritual health and growth.

This minyan uses the underlying structure of the afternoon or evening service and includes periods of Jewish chant and silent meditation, and will include opportunity for saying Kaddish at the end.

If you would like to participate please contact

Rick Rosenblatt at on how to join online

Tuesday ~ 6:30 pm